That sinking feeling

As wheelchair users my wife and I depend on our through floor lift to get to our bedroom and our studies.  The lift is now over 10 years old and recently we had to change our maintenance company.  The original supplier provided really poor service and eventually sold their customers to another company.  I found a local company that was happy to take on our contract and, unlike the previous lot, was prepared to come out at any time of day or night if the lift failed.  Unfortunately that company has now been hit with the effects of the recession and no longer has staff that can reliably turn out 24 hours a day.

After some research I obtained a quote from Stannah and a new contract started a few weeks ago.  Yesterday evening their promise that “Our 24/7 emergency breakdown service is available to all our customers, 365 days a year” was put to the test.  I called them shortly after 8.00pm and a pleasant lady took the details, found us on their system and promised an engineer would call us when he was on his way.  It was not long before the engineer called to say he would arrive in about 40 minutes.  Once arrived he got on with the job and completed the replacement of the failed spring (we keep a supply as they are the main cause of breakdowns) in about 75 minutes.  All together we were out of action for just 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Well done Stannah.  You will find them at –

Because we own our house the cost of that call out at £190 has to be paid by us.  Presumably the powers that be consider we should pay such things out of our DLA!

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