Parking on pavements

As a wheelchair user I am sometimes unable to proceed along the pavement because a driver has parked his vehicle wholly or partly on the pavement.  This is not only a nuisance, but also can force me in to the roadway with all the dangers that creates.  It is also a major problem for other mobility impaired people, visually impaired people, parents with buggies and young children on scooters and cycles.
While it is easy to issue penalty notices for this in London it is not so over the rest of England.  A petition to HM Government to get proper legislation has been started – see below – I urge you to support this.

Outlaw Parking on Pavements – For the petition go to 

Responsible department: Department for Transport


In addition to being a socially inconsiderate and unacceptable nuisance, the parking of motor vehicles on pavements presents a hazard and inconvenience to pedestrians and other legitimate users, especially those who are disabled or may require unhindered access, such as emergency services.

Currently it seems that parking on pavements is not prohibited on a national basis and it is therefore impossible to prevent people from doing so.

It is the aim of this petition to outlaw the parking of motor vehicles on pavements on a national basis such that enforcement may be carried out against those who park on pavements, thereby allowing the intended users of pavements to enjoy their unhindered usage.

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